Comes with 5 adjustable stakes with sharpened ends and push caps. Ultra lightweight, easy to carry with included carrying case and shoulder strap. Primo up-n-down Stake out. Great for any hunting situation. Ground blind, 12′ adjustable height. Primo up-n-down stake out, carry case, ground blind, 12′ adjustable height, ground SWAT grey camo.


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Primos introduces the next call in the hook up line. The hook up Series is designed to take all the guess work out of getting that perfect box call sound every time you play it.

Hunt for duck and goose from well constructed, heated blinds with each hunter in a separate shooting stall. These blinds can accommodate six hunters. Small and Large groups are welcome and each day, a meal is prepared in your blind. The satin-nickel plated receiver is custom engraved with Ducks Unlimited Mallard and Canvasback artwork and has special DU serial numbering. The gun comes with a full length hard case.

The 26″ vent rib barrel has internal screw-in choke tubes IC, M, and F and a front bar sight. The one-piece stock and forearm is black synthetic with a black recoil pad. Benelli has embossed the Nova for DU with “Ducks Unlimited” and the Duckhead logo roll engraved on the right side of the receiver with special Ducks Unlimited serial numbering.

The walnut stained hardwood stock has cut checkering with a DU medallion inlaid on the right side of the stock.

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Yargus, a year turkey hunting veteran and National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Calling Champion had some solid preseason tips sure to make you more successful in the spring woods. This is especially true with mouth diaphragm calls. You want to be able to make multiple hen sounds in a variety of tones and cadences on a single diaphragm call, and nothing will help you do this like listening to a live hen.

My goal is to listen to different hens in the woods and learn to mimic their sounds.

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Crappie Spawn Crappie Spawn is an exciting time of the year usually between March and April each year in the Southern regions when water temperatures reach 62 to 68 degrees, however this is not always true, the northern part of the region may take until May or June to reach the right temps for the crappie spawn to take place. As seasons change, crappie have a migration path that they make their way to the shorelines to lay their eggs for the big crappie spawn when the seasons change to spring time.

When the temperature is right I have seen crappie so shallow the top fin is out of the water. Always remember the west side of the lake always warms up first, this is where the first wave come in the shallows for the crappie spawn. Crappie are very similar to Largemouth bass when it comes to spawn, they share the same space at the same time.

When the crappie spawn occurs on your lake or pond they can position themselves anywhere from the bank to shallow underwater ledges, and those drop-offs will fall to 10 feet or more, look for shallow ditches, cuts and gullies, near bank-side bluffs or coves. Also it always helps to scan your sonar to find these areas in your boat. As the crappie spawn takes place there are unlimited places to find them, look around the edges of weed beds, timber stands, brush piles, bridges and boat docks.

Here are some tips to help you locate and catch these fish during the crappie spawn, the best way to fish starting out is to use medium size minnows either straight line or use slip corks on your reel so that you can easily adjust your depth as necessary. You will also want to use 6lb line, the lighter line will not be easily detected in shallow waters for the crappie spawn. You can use a light bait caster rod and reel or an ultra-lite open faced rod and reel setup using a small beetle spin or spinnerbait with a single blade on either bait that mimics baitfish.

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Visit our step by step instructions at http: He could kill, dress, and roast a pig with his eyes closed. We on the other hand don’t have it as easy. My son once found a place that would sell him a cleaned pig and rent him a roaster he could pull with his truck.

Bought this box call for turkey season this past spring. Produced really loud helps, can also be used to gobble. Didn’t have to much success on the gobble, but great to bring the birds in close if you’re set up .

Posted by Brad Smith December 29, If you care about results, money just doesn’t matter much when it comes to turkey calls. Turkey hunting is one of the most addictive styles of hunting that exists in North America. Once those gobblers get in your blood, there is just no turning back. Turkey hunters invest a ton of money and time into attempting to bag a bird every year and if the turkey calls they choose don’t live up to the price, the hunt is over before it even begins. The following list of turkey calls are what I consider to be must-own calls in your backpack.

By no means do you have to have them all, but at least one should get some serious consideration before you head out turkey hunting when the season is on. According to some, Reeves is known as the Michelangelo of turkey calls.

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Hunting Calls to Order: Take a Tour Inside the Factory Where Primos Game Calls Are Produced A lot of high-tech machinery and old-school craftsmanship goes into the calls hunters use to bring in turkeys, ducks, elk, and deer Comments All of Primos game calls are produced in a factory in Brookhaven, Miss. Anthony Foster plays the guitar. His desk is covered with turkey calls. Shea Consider box calls alone:

Primos Hunting manufactures game calls for deer, turkey, elk, waterfowl and predator as well as clothing and accessories. There are a wide variety of options for sorting through our collection of Primos always try to expand the number of products we stock, so you’ll no doubt appreciate all the sorting choices available to you.

Sunday, January 21, – The pallet fee does not include the freight company charges. Small items can go Fed EX. For questions, please email neohio fasttrackauction. Please remember to bring all your own help and tools to the removal. If you need assistance a release form must be signed!

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These premium bugles produce squeals, grunts and full-rut bugles of bull elk. The purpose of this tube is to act like a a windpipe to produce the most realisitc sounds possible. To increase the pitch or change the sound, push down on the molded membrane. The bull hooker makes it easy to imitate both calf and cow elk for calling in a big bull elk. Cass Creek Elk Call hand held calls produces five of the most recognizable and useful sounds of elk, keying on the specialized inflections in pitch and volume.

Shop turkey hunting gear from DICK’S Sporting Goods today. If you find a lower price on turkey hunting gear somewhere else, we’ll match it with our Best Price Guarantee! Check out customer reviews on turkey hunting gear and save big on a variety of products. Plus, .

It is a call of U-shape equipment which you put into the mouth to produce the tone with the air pressure. It requires skills and practice to master this type of the call for a good performance. You do not need to hold it by hands. There are calls with one or two reeds that produce a great range of sounds. This call comes with the box and swivel point which you should move across it to make a sound.

It is not difficult to use but requires you to identify the necessary angle. The box calls also are a two-handed operation.

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No idea if it’s reported have no coa with it but was little paper with it marked nc comorant. It also said monel. It is very shiney little staining. Was in an old Virginia sporting collection. It makes a definite honk noise blow air in like any regular call. I dont think this is some sort of horn because it isnt super loud.

In these areas birds respond to calls, strut regally and march boldly into range. But then there’s the other 95 percent of turkey outings. Birds hang up just out of range, walk the other way, get henned up–you know the drill. To overcome these real-world experiences, we’ve rounded up the following 10 tricks. Use them at your discretion. Surround a Gobbler “Set up there,” Jim Clay whispered as he pointed to a knoll next to an open field in the dim gray light of predawn.

I don’t mean double-teaming in the usual sense of having one hunter in front to shoot and one in back to call.

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