Puerto Vallarta is a tourism town. There are myriads of adventure tours, cultural tours, bar crawls, gay bar crawls, fishing tours and whale watching tours. There are free tours and expensive tours and almost any interest can be satisfied by a guided or planned adventure. Only one tour is not well known nor widely advertised or sold in Vallarta: Charging thousands of pesos for sexual adventures, they can afford to. Taxi drivers will automatically take you to these large commercial locales because they get up to a peso incentive for doing so. Generally, prostitution is not really illegal in Mexico, nor is it considered in the same negative light as in Canada or the US. For that matter, sex, itself, is looked upon in a much more liberal way here, also.

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There are many news websites and printed newspapers and magazines. Of the Spanish online resources, Noticiaspv, Siempre Libre and Opina stand out as the most comprehensive and these are my choices for actual news reporting. Of the English resources, Banderas Bay News probably leads, followed by the weekly touristy editions of PVMirror and the Tribune being weekly greatly diminishes their value as a timely news source. Vallarta Today has some good news and is edited by a talented person who knows Vallarta very well, but it often misses the mark as a reliable resource.

Mar 23,  · Puerto Vallarta In Puerto Vallarta, the warm weather and picturesque location are enhanced by the colonial charm of cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture. Locals are fun and friendly, the seafood is fresh and delicious and this region of Mexico is the birthplace of tequila.

There are also 7, species of veined plants. One reason for its biodiversity is that is lies in the transition area between the temperate north and tropical south. It also lies at the northern edge of the Sierra Madre del Sur and is on the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt , which provides a wide variety of ecological conditions from tropical rainforest conditions to semi arid areas to areas apt for conifer forests.

On the west, water flows out in the Santiago River , which crosses the center of Jalisco on its way to the Pacific, carving deep canyons in the land. The most important of these is the Ameca , with its one main tributary, the Mascota River. The lake acts as a regulator of the flow of both the Lerma and Santiago Rivers.

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Puerto Vallarta gets more rain than Mazatlán, with 55 inches of rain (1, mm) falling on 75 days of the year. Mazatlán gets only 32 inches ( mm), with rainfall seen on just 46 days. But PV’s increased rainfall is what makes the area so green and lush, so I see this as a benefit.

My very first hurricane was predicted to be a level 5 AND the worst in recent history. My first thoughts were, I can handle this. I grew up with earthquakes with collapsing bridges and freeways. I surely could handle a hurricane. I believed the locals, and the expats were making too big of a deal out of high winds, rain, thundering, and lightening.

It was one of the most frightening times in my life. It was the expectation that got me. I could feel the wrath of what was coming. I was only familiar with the floor or earth moving below my feet and me running or driving quickly to a safe place. Waterfall next to the apartment building.


But this has been changing the last few years not only with the increase in Canadians visitors but many foreigners from all over the world now comes to live in Acapulco. Besides the retirees who enjoy the perfect weather and health benefits such as getting rid of arthritis pains due to the heat and humidity there are many young entrepreneurs and families relocating to Acapulco now. Why not Cancun or Puerto Vallarta? Although these destinations are not bad they are highly Americanized, close to the US and expensive in comparison to other destinations in Mexico.

People are looking to get further away and finding places with lower cost of living to increase their living standards.

Guadalajara’s Best English Newspaper! Voters reject new Mexico City airport in.

Share Mexico is a big, extraordinarily diverse country that offers two long coasts, mountains and colonial cities. There are also Mayan ruins, jungle, rain forest, rivers and lakes. You could say that Americans have voted this country the best place in the world to live outside the U. Mexico’s proximity to the U. Plus, the excellent infrastructure makes living easy, residency is straightforward and both real estate and the cost of living in general are very affordable.

Mexico is also familiar, and has many businesses Americans recognize. Almost anything you use or consume in the U. The more remote or rural your location, the farther you’ll have to travel to shop at the nearest Walmart. English is so widely spoken in Mexican cities it could be an official language. Living outside a major city or tourist zone , it’s better to speak a little Spanish, but you really can get by in this country with English.

Mexico could be the retirement spot for you if you seek an adventure overseas, but don’t want to give up all the comforts of home. The challenge is that the country offers many appealing lifestyle and climate alternatives, and you need to decide where you might be happiest. Consider these eight retirement options in Mexico:

Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta

She says it took her a while to get over the culture shock of living in a new country, but her perseverance paid off and her family loves their lives in the Puerto Rican capital of San Juan. Where are you originally from? Where are you living now?

Situated on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, just north of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit may be attracting record numbers of visitors, but you’ll still find quiet stretches of beach and fewer tourists at local attractions.

Tweet Robert Nelson’s Boomers in Paradise: Living in Puerto Vallarta, profiles fourteen “baby boomers” who now reside in Puerto Vallarta, The book, though, will be of interest to any expatriate or would-be expatriate whether or not they live in Vallarta. Nelson has lived in the “Jewel of the Mexican Riviera” for six years. As he eased himself into local life, he discovered that even though he was only fifty-nine when he moved to Vallarta, many permanent expatriates were younger, in some cases much younger.

As always, the highly independent, adventurous boomers wanted what they wanted, now. Regarding the options for working, Cynthia Sams, one of those profiled, says, “Basically you have time-share, real estate, or you can start your own business. There were more than one hundred developments spread out around Banderas Bay, allowing Puerto Vallarta to lead in sales volume for resort real estate in Mexico, ahead of major markets such as Los Cabos, Acapulco, and Cancun.

Most continue to love Vallarta but likewise most are concerned about the dramatic changes that have taken place in their beloved town as it has turned into a city, and a very busy and polluted one at that. The people who live in this city are the nicest people I’ve ever met.

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Take your retirement global and you can maximize your quality-of-life return for every dollar spent. Where should you go? Here are your 12 best options for where to retire overseas this New Year: In addition, you can get by speaking only English thanks to the region’s strong historic and cultural links with England , and I’d say that the stunningly beautiful Algarve coast is one of the safest places on earth right now. The Algarve is home to more than , resident foreign retirees, all here embracing the best of Europe, from medieval towns and fishing villages to open-air markets and local wine.

Safe Cities in Latin America. There are over 25 Safe Cities in Latin America like Buenos Aires, Queretaro and Puerto Vallarta with an average cost of living of $1,/month, internet speeds up to 20 mbps and temperatures ranging from 0°C to 34°C °F to ° to explore more?

Of course, one of the biggest attractions of Mexico is its easy accessibility. Depending on your location in the United States, you can drive to many parts of Mexico along good roads. Again, depending on your location, you could be in your new home in two to four hours. While proximity is a huge bonus, there’s much more to the whole Mexico package to make it one of the easiest live-overseas options. In a breakout session on one of our recent conferences, our experts reminded us of some more advantages of setting up a new life in Mexico.

One million Americans already call it home, there are lots of communities you can slot right into. Even if you prefer to live outside the established expat communities, it’s not difficult to seek out expat company as desired. While you’ll always have a more fulfilling experience if you make the effort to learn Spanish, you won’t be entirely lost in Mexico without it at least for starters.

English is becoming a second language in Mexico and is taught in schools. In the bigger cities, you’ll find English is widely spoken. Much like the United States, Mexico has diverse living options. You can take your pick of Spanish-colonial cities, Caribbean beach towns, tranquil island living, or mountain escapes. You may never care to see Walmart or Starbucks again

The World’s 12 Best Places To Live Or Retire In 2016

The thundering and lightening which speaks the language only the heart understands is active and extremely communicative. You can wait for a few seconds after seeing the lightning and expect a loud thunder. The video below shows direct results of the rainy season.

have greatly expanded the numbers and types of our social events including happy hours at different restaurants, special dinners at favorite restaurants and even wine & appetizer evenings in expats homes. Now, with the tremendous growth of the expat community in Vallarta, we have, for several years, been asked many, many ‘how to’ questions about all the aspects of moving to Vallarta and we have .

Punta Mita — Celeb Spotting Situated about 10 miles north of Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita is a peninsula surrounded by nine-and-a-half miles of pristine beaches and clear, swimmable waters. This combination of privacy and natural beauty makes it the perfect place for a romantic break, with the Four Seasons and St. Regis resorts providing options for luxurious accommodations. The peninsula is also home to Careyeros Hill, an ancient archaeological site dating back to around A.

Punta Mita attracts sun lovers across the celebrity spectrum. Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen vacation there, and the late Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi reportedly planned to send his family to live there while preparing for a life in exile from Libya. Sayulita — Surf Town Once little more than a rural surfer hangout frequented by hippies, Sayulita has become one of the most popular beachs in the Nayarit Riviera.

Just north of Punta Mita, this trendy town now boasts campsites, youth hostels and a number of new hotels to accomodate all, from young Mexicans to gringo tourists and retired expats. Swimmers must beware the strong waves that make Sayulita a mecca for surfers and home to an annual championship each March, while non-surfers can enjoy activities such as horseback riding, hiking, jungle canopy tours, snorkeling and fishing.

Aside from all this, Sayulita is worth visiting just to try the famous shrimp tacos, best accompanied with mango salsa and a cold Pacifico beer. The town is home to some nice bars with great live music. Puerto Vallarta — Nightlife Capital With an international airport and a host of high-rise hotels, Puerto Vallarta is a major tourist destination. The biggest beach resort in the area, it is a five-hour drive or minute flight from Guadalajara.


There are also Mayan ruins, jungle, rain forest, rivers and lakes. You could say that Americans have voted this country the best place in the world to live outside the U. Plus, the excellent infrastructure makes living easy, residency is straightforward and both real estate and the cost of living in general are very affordable.

Craig’s List in Puerto Vallarta Stay Connected is a unique blend of community awareness through the posting of local news and events, formal introductions to the charities and their needs, online fundraising, social networking and giving back.

Mexico offers year round great weather and your dollars have the capacity to go further in real estate, rent, health care, food, and labor! Not to mention the sheer natural beauty, tastes, smells, history and culture. This page guide, is full of valuable information and insights to help you craft your plans and gather resources to make your move to your paradise in Mexico.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, daydreaming or getting into the details, this is a great guide to keep you informed. You can live in Mexican cities and towns at the same lifestyle level as in the U. Everything you find here is written and offered by Expats living in Mexico for seven years! You are instantly gaining immense amounts of wisdom that will save you endlessly!

We hope you enjoy the website and find it extremely useful while you craft your dreams into plans for Mexico!