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I’m developing feelings for my girlfriend’s daughter! What should I do?

I did this once and, let me tell you, I learned my lesson. I dated The Cop off-and-on for about six years and I have to admit that love kept me from realizing just how big a problem his children were in our relationship. Recently, he and I made plans to have a friendly, totally platonic drink to celebrate my promotion.

May 01,  · With so many picture perfect professionals jumping the moral fence, you might just wonder if you’re better off dating the man with the ding on .

My year-old daughter dated a seemingly nice young man for a few months. Then the boy broke up with her. He returned from a vacation and kept telling my daughter that he had met someone from another state. Now the other girl is texting my daughter and the mean ex boyfriend sends my daughter ugly messages comparing the two girls. First, I have a deep appreciation for the fact that you are not just reacting, but really considering this entire, fairly complex social situation.

I am particularly impressed that you can find empathy for this boy, to the extent that you understand the context of his behavior. Dealing with a Bullying Ex But keep in mind that, despite your wishes, your daughter may be inclined, if only through curiosity, to maintain some social media or text-based contact with this boy or girl. And frankly, mandating no contact might prove unsuccessful.

Further, this situation smacks of cyber-bullying, and feels as if it could escalate. So I would encourage you to be fairly insistent on this point, but allow her the opportunity to handle it on her own, with you as a guide and consultant.

I’m developing feelings for my girlfriend’s daughter! What should I do?

Share Tweet Pin It Why is sex with an ex so darn irresistible? Find out why we want it so badly, and read about the perfect times to have sex with an ex and the imperfect times when we should avoid it. Every time we meet a fond ex, our hearts fill with moist love. Sexual attraction and exes You know how it feels, a simple touch can be electrifying.

Jan 21,  · my ex and i split up when my daughter was 5 weeks old, she’s now 10 months old. an old Anyone out there with a 14 year old daughter who is starting I am curious to know what other Mom’s are doing in this situation. She is going out 11 year old daughter wants a boyfriend My daughter is 11 yrs old and in the 7th grade.

Why must I lead this double life? He’s a huge fan of Dr. Laura Schlessinger, a well-known radio talk show host who advocates putting children first. I have no problem with that! He does not go out and has pretty much made our two children the sole reason for his existence. I respect his viewpoints on this although I believe our son and daughter would actually benefit if their father had someone else to balance out his life , but he does not extend me the same courtesy.

He has bad-mouthed me to my own children for behaving in what I would define as a normal, healthy manner of living.

How did Farrah Abraham’s daughter Sophia’s dad Derek Underwood die?

But then again, do many people actually plan on that? Maybe there are women out there who have mentality of a gold-digger, except that instead of looking for men with money they look for men who have children then can raise instead of having to birth any of their own? Well, I’m certainly not like that. I always pictured my life with a man I’d meet in college, we’d have 3 kids of our own, I’d have a good advertising job, he’d do

May 01,  · It isn’t always, though. There are three major questions to ask before letting a guy go from one ball and chain to another kind entirely.

It seems as though majority of responses were saying: So, given that message, that is, the most likely case being that love is not possible, how about the next reason, that is isn’t it still better to have a relationship if not for love, but of convenience, mutually beneficial convenience, one specified and agreed upon ahead of time that lays out the terms and conditions of how the two of you will proceed to make arrangements that provides ways to meet your each of your needs?

I mean your bargaining power overall is pretty limited with a record, you are excluded from many things, have much less options, employment, credit lending, real estate options, etc. And therefore a guy who has all these obstacles in front of him will be more ‘open’ to listening to you if you have the ability to to do all the things a free man can, and needs you to ‘assist’ him with until he gets to slowly on his own through time, becuase he can’t on his own without you for the time being.

This puts the woman in a much greater bargaining position comparable to the ex-con – he needs her more than she needs him. She can drop the relationship as soon as he stops meeting her needs, as soon as he stops fixing her house, her car, running her errands, etc, whatever she needs him to do, and find someone else. How likely is he to drop her for someone else, when he is practially dependant on her? So as long she needs his help, and he needs her help, and they both agree to help each other in the other peron’s area of weakness, complementing each other’s ability to live in the world, I don’t see much wrong with that.

There is actually a guy who said when he gets out he wanted to relocate, build a log home and a couple custom bikes, and I was thinking, if he could build me those things and take me out on rides and take care of me in the areas I need help with, I could offer to help support him where he needs help, but if he were to stop doing his share, then why couldn’t we just shake hands amicably and move on to someone else, right?

That is my question.

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PIN To say that my ex-husband and I don’t get along is a bit of an understatement. Sometimes I hear about those exes who discover they actually can be friends after a divorce, and effectively co-parent their children together. Um, what’s that like? I have no idea. Advertisement The tricky part is that we have joint custody of our two school-aged daughters.

Jun 21,  · And I can’t say that I’d blame her. But “ex-con” means just that, right? Ex as in “not into criminal activity anymore.” After all, no one is above redemption.

My wife walked in on our 18 year old daughter having sex with 2 guys at the same time. Our daughter is not aware that this happened since my wife quickly walked out and we got in the car and drove away. Our daughter has always been a great kid. Good grades, no drug or drinking issues. Played sports in high school. She’s going to a local university and often stays at our house and we love seeing her.

She broke up with her long time boyfriend right after classes started in August. We knew that she was having sex with the prior boyfriend so we are not prudes but we are worried about her encounter with two guys. STD’s and pregnancy are of course a concern but our biggest issue is how to handle this particular encounter and behavior. Since this happened a week ago my wife and I have been arguing about how to handle it.

Any suggestions from other parents. If there is a better subreddit to post this, please let me know. This is more of an issue with my wife and she is looking for ideas on how to approach this.

7 Tips About Dating Guys Who Have Kids

Dana Hall McCain My daughter often gives me an update on the social goings-on in her class. Everyone in this story is eleven. It leaves me speechless, to be honest. The middle school years are a time of major transition for kids as nature forces them along the path toward adulthood. At this tender age, your child barely knows who she is and lacks the judgment to make good decisions about such a relationship.

My boyfriend broke up with me after we dated for 6 took me completely by surprise. I loved him. Just a week after he broke up with me, he tells me that he has feelings for my daughter. She has been involved with a lot of our activities, and is also friends with my boyfriend.

By Shahreen Abedin From the WebMD Archives Holding on to previous romantic attachments creates feelings of distrust and can stymie an otherwise promising relationship. So are you wondering if your honey’s heart still rests in the hands of a past love? But how do you know when you need to have that talk? Here are 10 signs that it may be time to bring it up. Guilty feelings from carrying a secret torch often make a person not want to talk about an ex.

Are you getting what you need from this person, especially when he or she spends two hours on Facebook after dinner? Too Much Contact With the Ex Frequent emails, phone calls, or online messaging with a past love can take away from a current relationship.

Would You Date an Ex-Con?