Although trams are the focal point and common thread throughout, it is where they are running which provides the diversity and interest in his photos. There are now over 37, photos from tramway cities. Scroll down for the list of tramways covered in city sequence and year sequence within this for systems visited on multiple occasions with link to photos. Photos are listed in the sequence in which they were taken and for more recent series, the name of the street along which the trams are running is shown in the comments column, but only where there is a change of street. Scroll down to below the Series List for more information, headline photo and link to photo page for series from onwards. Click here A source of photos for illustration: Larger resolution photos may be made available for illustrations in publications and promotional materials at the discretion of the webmaster. See contact details below.

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Avoriaz, Haute-Savoie, Rhone Alps France Avoriaz at an altitude of m and snow sure, sits perched on a plateau, high above the long established large and lively year round vibrant old style Savoyard town and family resort of Morzine. Its bold, purpose built modern and futuristic, yet famous wood clad architecture, designed to blend in with the surrounding cliffs, has a pedestrian, traffic free centre and horse drawn sledges from the large car parks.

Bernex France The charming, traditional village of Bernex, full of traditional chalets decorated with flowers from spring through to autumn, and stunningly surrounded by pastures and forests, at an altitude of m, the resort is full of outdoor activities both in the summer and winter. For skiers, the resort offers 50km of skiing from — m, comprising 7 red, 4 green, 3 blue and 4 black.

Following the success of the B16 Spyder during the latter part of , Chevron put this model into production for as the Chevron B19 (although typically known as the Chevron B in the US).

A secret visit to the Post Office Railway The Post Office Railway, that elusive automated narrow gauge railway built for the conveyance of mail and running entirely in tunnels connecting various London post offices and railway stations has always been the stuff of legends. This became even more so since its closure in The Post Office has, despite much demand, not allowed any visitors to the mothballed installations since then.

But in the long run, officialdom cannot match determination, and in spite of the ban, a group of adventurers has managed to find a way into the tunnels and have brought back a treasure trove of the most amazing pictures, the likes of which have never been seen before. These maps show an amazing level of detail including track layout, platforms, sidings, depots and abandonded and planned lines as well as in the interarctive version links to live departures and Google Earth.

Attempts to operate mixed goods services in Vienna and Amsterdam have come to naught, and it might seem that interest in such projects is colling off a little. But now there is a new name on the list. The Keifuku Electric Railroad, a light railway in Kyoto, is today inaugurating a once daily parcels services using a dedicated vehicle attached to a regular tram. The service is operated for Yamato Transport Co.

The order is part of the acquisition announced in October The accompanying order for single articulated units has yet to be awarded. In an attempt to rectify this, I have prepared a short presentation of the current situation.

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Also, 2 I want to know if it is safe for a woman to hike up the Saleve or any mountain alone on weekdays when only few people use the paths. Appreciate any information you can give me. Hi M, In our website http:

A votre arrivée vous vous inscrirez sur une fiche comprenant trois parties. La partie sur laquelle figure vos coordonnées est confidentielle et sert à vous informer par sms .

France — France, officially the French Republic, is a country with territory in western Europe and several overseas regions and territories. France spans , square kilometres and had a population of almost 67 million people as of January It is a unitary republic with the capital in Paris. The area was annexed in 51 BC by Rome, which held Gaul until , France emerged as a major European power in the Late Middle Ages, with its victory in the Hundred Years War strengthening state-building and political centralisation.

During the Renaissance, French culture flourished and a colonial empire was established. The 16th century was dominated by civil wars between Catholics and Protestants. France became Europes dominant cultural, political, and military power under Louis XIV, in the 19th century Napoleon took power and established the First French Empire, whose subsequent Napoleonic Wars shaped the course of continental Europe.

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Love the variety of runs, both through the trees and open mountain. Excellent place and going back in 2 weeks! Based on 12 votes and 32 reviews. December 22, Stephen Gibson from United Kingdom There appears to be a fair amount of error in reviews from day trippers to Montgenevre and Claviere. I have skied in both for the last 20 years and 11 years with my kids. In the run up to Olympics new lifts were introduced and then again in and other fine tuning is done most years.

The valley was first mentioned in , when it was granted by the Count of the Genevois to the great Benedictine house of St. Michel de la Cluse , near Turin , which by the early 13th century had established a priory there. In , the inhabitants obtained from the Count of the Genevois the privilege of holding two fairs a year, while the valley was often visited by the civil officials and by the bishops of Geneva first recorded visit in , while St.

Francis de Sales came there in But travellers for pleasure were very rare. Chamonix was part of the historical land of Savoy emerged as the feudal territory of the House of Savoy during the 11th to 14th centuries. The historical territory is shared between the modern countries of France, Italy, and Switzerland. The House of Savoy became the longest surviving royal house in Europe. It ruled the County of Savoy to and then the Duchy of Savoy from to The first party to publish an account of their visit was that of Richard Pococke , William Windham and others, such as the Englishmen who visited the Mer de Glace in In came P.

Martel and several other Genevese, in H.

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Conception Bay South Canada, October Stayed for 3 days in October, Overall satisfaction Cleanliness Property condition We loved our visit to Prague and our accommodation were great. Walking distance to all the attractions. Would absolutely do it again. Super great place in Prague Leon G. September Stayed for 3 days in September, Overall satisfaction Cleanliness Property condition Massive place.

Yet he is completely unknown outside France. Even though I am not a Frenchman and came across his name only by chance, I find his legend a fascinating story on a number of different levels, and it is a shame that he is not better known in the United States. His story of undoubted heroism and tragic fate is an inspiration for everyone in our cynical times.

But as you will find in this website, stories surrounding his life and death tell much more than that. I can only hope that this humble website will somehow serve the memory of all those who fought against tyranny of all kinds. Moulin came from a family where republicanism was lived like a religion. It was with this background that Moulin was born on June 20, in Beziers, France. A Civil Servant However, there was nothing in Moulin’s early life to indicate his future role in the destiny of his country.

When in April , he was finally drafted, he was trained as a military engineer. In the army, he served as a carpenter, a navvy, and a telephone operator. That he did not see a combat must have haunted him as he was later to say, “I was everything except a soldier. From this point on, his life was marked by a series of rapid promotions thanks to his superb administrative abilities, which were later to become an important asset to Resistance.

Moulin became the youngest under-prefect of Albertville at 26 in October , and the youngest prefect of the Aveyron at Shortly before the war, he was transfered to the department of Eure-et-Loire, where he witnessed the fall of France and where his first act of resistance was to begin.

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Soul-dragon’s Comments Ian McDiarmid said at 2: Granted it’s not live action but it’s still such a treat and I’m hyped. However it’s weakness are undoubtedly the characters. A majority of them with the exception of the doctor are rather bland and it’s hard to get yourself to care about them. However it didn’t matter to me since watching fictional characters that I don’t feel an emotional attachment to is something I find entertaining but if you want strong characters whose deaths you can cry over play Danganronpa or watch Corpse Party.

If anything it was one of the many highlights of Fates dub and while many dislike the ‘We Got Trouble’ line it is only one line so it doesn’t matter and I don’t think anyone else could’ve done it better.

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